About Miah's
Restaurants in Reading, Pangbourne & Spencers Wood

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Your local family owned Indian Restaurant.
Serving the community since 1980

Miah’s Story

The Miah’s family moved to England in 1961 from what was known as East Pakistan, now Bangladesh. Mrs Miah (Mamma Miah), always accompanied by her mother (Grandmamma Miah), as an accomplished cook, would prepare meals for her 8 children (6 brothers and 2 sisters) every day. The family recipes had been passed down through the generations, with each one adding a new twist to the traditional Indian cuisine. So it’s no surprise that their food has been recognised for 4 decades of happy diners and The British Curry Awards, enabling the Miah’s family to start a successful group of restaurants around Berkshire:

- In 1980 the eldest son of the family moved to Reading and opened Miah’s Garden of Gulab in Early.

- This was soon followed by the opening of the second restaurant, Miah’s Pangbourne in 1982.

- In 1999 Miah’s Tankerton House in Spencers Wood opened it’s doors for the first time.

As the business grew, Jamshed (the eldest son) was joined by his siblings and his sons, who now all work in different areas of the business. The family take regular trips to India and Bangladesh, always on the look out to add new dishes and flavours to their award winning menus. Miah’s has now been trading for 39 years with plans to grow the business even further. A warm welcome to all our new customers and a big thank-you to all our returning customers who have supported our family restaurant.

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