Dear Customers,

In light of recent media articles about our restaurants, I would personally apologise for making mistakes which have lead to the situation that we now find ourselves in.

The Miah’s family business has built its reputation not just on providing food and service of the highest quality to its many loyal customers, but on also being an honest and reputable company with an unblemished record over 38 years of service to the local community. During all of these years, I have insisted that the highest of standards have been maintained, whilst also complying with all regulatory requirements.

In my defence, the company finds itself in the current situation not through a deliberate act to deceive or to profit at the expense of others but more as a result of my own trusting nature and not fully appreciating the complex rules regarding employment.

Due to illness and staff holidays this summer our restaurants had been forced to employ staff on a casual basis. We were wrongfully under the impression that we were legally allowed to take on staff on a trial basis for a maximum of 20 hours whilst legal documentation was produced. If these documents could not be produced, the trial period was then terminated. This is not normal practice for us but we believe commonplace in the industry in which we operate, hence our understandable mistake.

Although we have received a considerable amount of feedback questioning the safety of our staff, we would like to highlight that, as mentioned in all media articles; “Officers found no substantial evidence of any potential victims of modern slavery.” The safety of our workforce is not in question, and staff well-being remains as one of the highest priorities of our business. This is perhaps the reason we have so many long-serving employees.

I sincerely apologise for the mistakes that have been made which, understandably, may have lost some of our customers trust in us. I would ask that our previous exemplary record is taken into consideration, and that our naivety isn’t considered as intentional misconduct as it has been made out to be in some instances.

I would like to reassure all customers that we have now rectified these errors and misunderstandings and we are now meeting all licensing objectives.

We are in the process of appealing the revocation of our licences. This being the case, it remains business as usual whilst the appeals processes are ongoing and all restaurants can continue to sell alcoholic drinks as normal.

Yours Sincerely,

Jamshed Miah